Mr. laRive is a robotics engineer, a former aerospace engineer for Stennis Space Center NASA, in the manufacturing side of automation, manufacturing, chemical and liquids manufacturing, and a robotics R&D engineering.

Mr. la Rive is a seasoned VP of Engineering, Chief of Operations (Nexus Robotics), and President (Merchant Advance, WARP Robotics USA and Warp Engineering International).

Although Mr. la Rive holds a PhD. in Engineering, he flourishes as a contract CEO or VP of Operations in manufacturing. He is recognized for building better platforms for both founders and shareholders. Mr. la Rive specializes in guiding the vision of successful startup ventures, by directing and overseeing business operations at the senior executive level.

Since 2003, he has overseen the growth of over 15 highly successful startups, assisting as lead Chief of Operations and/or Chief Engineer. Mr. la Rive uses a “people-first” management approach, wherein owners and employees feel valued as integral parts of the company’s purpose. Over the past 22 years, each facility where he has contracted has had its own unique measure of success.